Why Do I Need Winter Tires?

Think Winter Tires are only needed for those crazy Canadian blizzards, Eh?

Think again.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation the magic number is +7C. When the temperature drops to +7C the rubber of non-winter tires begins to harden causing the tires to have less traction. Winter tires stay soft in cold weather conditions and prevent you from being victim to slippery road conditions caused by cold weather.  So why are we encouraging customers to switch to their winter tires early? Because we can reach a low of +7C as early as October!
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Many people wait until the first snowfall to change to winter tires causing a backlog of appointments that can create a long, frustrating wait for those who did not book well ahead. Good things don’t always come to those who wait so call in today to book your winter tire appointment.

To reward our guests who do book ahead we are offering the following specials:

50% off balancing when your tires are installed before October 31 OR
25% off balancing when your tires are installed between Nov 1 and November 30

Together we can make the roads safer in cold weather!

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For more information on the importance of winter tires visit:
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