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Toyota Canada is committed to ensuring you receive the greatest quality and safety from your vehicle. From time to time, the need to repair or replace a vehicle component may arise. If this does occur, as a Toyota owner or lessee, you will be contacted by mail if your vehicle requires repairs or servicing. This will include instructions on how to obtain the repair or servicing at no cost to you. If your vehicle is registered with Heffner Toyota, we’ll also receive the notification and will be in touch with you to schedule a service appointment! If your address needs updating, you can let us know by filling out the form here: contact form.

3 Types of Toyota Recalls and Campaigns

Safety Recall Campaign (SRC)

Toyota determines that either a defect or a non-compliance with a Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in your vehicle, a Safety Recall Campaign is launched.

Limited Service Campaign (LSC)

The purpose of a Limited Service Campaign is to offer vehicle owners an inspection and/or repair at no charge for a limited period of time in order to address a non-safety product or technical issue.

Warranty Enhancement Program (WEP)

The Warranty Enhancement Program informs customers that Toyota has enhanced the warranty coverage (time and/or mileage) on a vehicle component to further enhance customer satisfaction. Warranty Enhancement Programs have a time and/or mileage limit and a specified condition for eligibility.