Tire Swap Season

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So You’re Ready for the Changing Season

Tire swap.
I know, it’s like hearing about pumpkin spice in July or August, it only reminds you of what’s to come, instead of enjoying what’s here.
But the thing is, putting it off doesn’t stop it from actually arriving, it only makes it a little more chaotic when it does show up.
If you haven’t done so already, it’s now time to book your seasonal tire swap with Heffner’s so you’re ready when ‘that’ season arrives.
Advanced booking is for your convenience and for your safety. Plus, it ensures you’re rolling on the proper set of tires for the proper season, making them more effective and last longer.

To quickly book your appointment, please either call one of our appointment coordinators or go online to
For Toyota: 519-748-9667 – Option 1
For Lexus: 519-895-9130 – Option 1

Heffner Toyota for New Winter Tires as well

If you’re in need of a new set of tires, we can easily help you out there, as well with an extensive list of brand name tires that work for your vehicle. We also offer our Price Match Promise so you know you’re getting the best price possible (some conditions apply). The seasonal manufacturer rebates will also be released shortly to save you a little extra. Watch on our social channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – for when details have arrived.
Speaking of winter tires, one question we’re asked quite frequently is “do I need four winter tires, or can I make do with just two?” The answer is a full set of four for a very good reason.
Giulio Michetti, Assistant Service Manager at Heffner Toyota, has the details.

Another benefit of Heffner’s is our climate controlled tire storage facility. Storing tires in a climate controlled environment increases the longevity of your tires and saves you the struggle of hauling them and storing them. All you have to do is book your appointment and we do the rest.
When it comes to tires, all you need to know is Heffner’s.
Now go enjoy that pumpkin spiced latte, if that’s what you’re into.