Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

March mini-blog 1- 2017 Take a good look at your car. Walk all the way around. Does it look more white then you remember? Did you purchase a white car? Now look inside. Does it also look kind of dingy, dusty, and white? Now is a good time to consider a thorough spring cleaning.

Exterior Car Cleaning

At this time of year, odds are that your vehicle is covered in salt residue from the road. This salty coating is acidic and wears down the clear coat, and eventually the paint on your car. This residue really needs to be washed off with a proper car wash.
A proper exterior clean will also take into account the cleaning of your wheels and tires. This will help them from fading, cracking, and discolouring.
It is also important to wash the underside of your vehicle. Not only does the salty residue coat the visible part of your car, it also coats all the nooks and crannies of the underbody. If you only wash your vehicle with a regular car wash, you are missing an important area that needs to be cleaned. Leaving the salty coating on the underbody of your car is a mistake. The salt will continue to eat away at all your important components (the chassis, the frame, the brakes, etc.) jeopardizing your safety, and you won’t even see it happening.
Be sure, as part of your spring cleaning plan, to schedule both a car wash and an undercarriage wash.

Vehicle Detailing- Heffner ToyotaInterior Car Cleaning

Spring cleaning the inside of your vehicle not only makes it nicer to be in, but it also provides you with cleaner air — no more dust and dirt blowing around.
A proper interior detailing will help improve your health by reducing allergens and germs.
Taking proper care of the inside of your vehicle will help to extend the life of the fabric, floor mats, and components.

Detailing Packages

At Heffner’s, we offer several detailing packages for all makes and models.
Hand Wash includes:
-Pre-rinse to remove grease, bugs, and excess dirt
-Pressure wash and clean all wheels, wheel wells, and tires
-Hand wash and dry exterior of vehicle
-Dry door jambs
-Clean exterior windows
-Tire shine all 4 tires
Arrange a hand wash for $19.95.
Bronze Package includes:
-Hand wash
-Hand-wipe of passenger compartment vinyl
-Vacuum carpets, seats, trunk/cargo area
-Shampoo floor mats if soiled
-Clean interior/exterior windows
Arrange a bronze package for $64.95 for cars and $74.95 for vans/trucks.
Silver Package includes:
-Hand wash
-Shampoo all seats/carpets
-Detail interior including dash, console, vents, cup holders
-Clean interior/exterior windows
-Vacuum trunk
-Apply paint sealant
Arrange a silver package for $189.95 for cars and $199.95 for vans/trucks.
Gold Package includes:
-Hand wash
-Shampoo all seats/carpets
-Detail interior including dash, console, vents, cup holders
-Clean interior/exterior windows
-Vacuum trunk
-Inspect vehicle for scratches, swirl marks, and contamination
-Remove contamination with Clay Bar
-Remove minor scratches and paint imperfections up to 80%
-Polish to restore original shine
-Apply paint sealant
Arrange a gold package for $249.95 for cars and $269.95 for vans/trucks.

Other Detailing Services

We also offer a variety of other detailing and treatment services including:
-Exterior paint reconditioning treatment
-Window treatment
-Paint sealant
-Engine shampoo
-Headlight restoration
-Scratch removal
Book an appointment online at Heffner Toyota today. Our extended service hours will make it easy for you to spring clean your vehicle.