Spot the Plate!


Turn your Drive into a FUN Little Family Game

Heffner License Plate

Even my six-year-old son can’t help but to notice; there are a lot of Heffner vehicles on the road all throughout Waterloo Region and beyond.

It’s a statement I’m comfortable making.


Because I’ve backed it up with a very scientific and accurate approach.

That is?

My boy yells out “Heffner” every time he sees the license plate cover proudly displayed on Toyota’s of many of our valued guests.

As I said, very scientific. And very accurate.

Needless to say, the frequency at which this occurs is quite often. So much so, it’s turned into a little game for us. No matter where we’re going, whether it’s down the street to a neighbours house, running errands around town, or visiting family up north, we challenge each other to see who can spot the most Heffner vehicles before we reach our destination. As soon as we pull out of the driveway, its game on, and he doesn’t let me forget it.

He’s no backseat driver, but he has an eye like a hawk, and doesn’t miss that iconic Heffner name. I’m sure your eye has caught them as well.

It’s funny, the 2020 Toyota lineup definitely has some fancy new tech to help pass the time while on the road, like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Entune (Toyota Connected Services) and Touch Screen Infotainment Systems, but there’s still something about the imagination and determination of a 6 year-old nestled in his backseat booster who just wants to chalk up yet another victory over good ole dad. I just wish I could say I was letting him win.

So, next time everyone gets in the family Toyota together, try putting the technology aside for a little while, and share some quality time having fun, and competing against each another.

It’s safe to say, the next Heffner plate you’re looking for, is just around the corner.