Protect Your Vehicle from Summer’s Hot Sunshine!

Toyota Washer FluidWe’ve already had a good dose of the dog days of summer so far, with lots more to come!
They’re hot, they’re sticky, and they’re muggy.  Some of us love them and some of us don’t.  One reason you might not be a super fan is how the stifling heat wears you down and has the tendency to drain your energy.  The same thing goes for your vehicle if the proper protection isn’t taken.
The catch all suggestion is to care for your vehicle in a similar fashion to the way you care for yourself.
Here are 5 tips that will help you do just that.

  1. A Parked Car needs Protection from the Sun – you would burn if you laid in the sun’s rays for hours on end without protection. Your vehicle feels it too.  The easiest way to protect your interior is to use a window shade.  It’s a foldable device that simply lays on your dash below your front windshield.  It also doesn’t hurt to use an additional shade in your back window, especially if it’s regularly parked in direct sunshine for long periods of time.
  1. Products that Protect the Upholstery and Dashboard – when you go outside, sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Your vehicle will also benefit from taking the same preventative measures.  Without it, you’re putting your vehicle’s dashboard board and upholstery at risk of premature fading and/or cracking, making it look noticeably worn, well before its years.  To help slow down this aging process, use products that will add extra protection.  If you have any questions, the Heffner Detailing Department has the answers and the products.
  1. Check the coolant – here’s another ‘like you’ tip. Hydration is key, and even more so when the temperature goes up.  You need to drink plenty of fluids to be at your best.  Your vehicle needs plenty of coolant to do the same.  Monitor your vehicle’s reservoir regularly and top up when it gets low.  But, make sure you let the vehicle cool down before opening the radiator cap.  It’s always best to wait about an hour after driving before you do this.
  1. Window Tinting – consider window tinting like sunglasses for your car. It increases the style of your vehicle, plus its added UV protection that helps keep the cabin cooler, shades your dashboard and interior, as well as acts as a block between you and the sun.  If you’re looking to add tint to your vehicle, make sure you talk to the team at the Heffner Collision Centre.  They have you covered from questions to installation.
  1. Shady Parking –this obviously isn’t always an option; along the same lines as pull-through parking. But, anytime you can prevent your vehicle from baking in the sun, go for it.  Every little bit helps.  Plus, you’ll be happy when you return as it could knock the inside temperature down a slight bit.

Now, this final one didn’t make our list of 5 because it isn’t about protecting your vehicle in the heat, but instead, protecting your loved ones.  Please, whatever you do, make sure you never leave children or pets inside a car with the windows up; no matter how quick you think you’ll be.  This is a no tolerance issue and if you see it happening, you’re asked to call your local OSPCA or Police Department.
If you have any additional questions regarding your Toyota, would like a quick check-up before hitting the roads on your summer vacation, or just need some washer fluid for effective bug removal, come see us at Heffner Toyota.  We’re always happy to help.
Now, get out there and safely enjoy that sunshine!