Is It Too Early To Think About Winter Tires?

Winter Tires at Heffner Toyota
More than likely, winter is the last thing you want to think about right now, after all, it is only September. But, September is a transition month.  Summer turns into fall, the kids get back into their school year and your family returns to its regular routine after a summer of fun.
This transition period also makes it the ideal time to think about winter tires as you’re already looking ahead. So ask yourself, are your current winter tires ready for another season of snow, sleet and ice? Or, if you’ve never had winter tires before, maybe it’s time to seriously consider them? Use this time to do your research and be prepared for the weather that’s coming in the not so distant future.
Winter tires really are the best way to meet the driving challenges of a Canadian winter.  They handle the conditions extremely well while providing the best possible contact between your vehicle and the road.  Lower temperatures decrease the elasticity of the rubber compound in all-seasonal tires, which results in reduced traction.
Now in addition to the question, “why do I need winter tires?” the next one we often hear is “when should I put my winter tires on?” That answer is when the temperature dips below 7°C, other known as the ‘rule of seven’. That’s when you benefit the most from the increased traction, braking and handling they provide. Think of winter tires like cold-weather tires. They’re designed for the snowy, icy conditions winter throws our way, but also for cold and dry conditions too. Winter tires maintain optimal traction in all cold-weather conditions. If you can see your breath, it’s time to put those winter tires on.
Another question that arises is whether you can get away with two winter tires or do you need a full set of four?  Always use a complete set of four. With only two winter tires installed on the front, it could result in a loss of control. You would experience increased front grip but decreased in the back which can cause oversteer. It’s reversed when you only have two winter tires in the back. You gain extra grip in the rear but decreased in the front which can cause understeer. When the rear of the vehicle loses traction in a cornering situation, you go off the road backward. When the front of the vehicle loses traction in a cornering situation, you go off the road forward.
Now, there’s only one more question that hasn’t been answered yet.  Heffner Lexus does have a wide range of brand name winter tires that will suit your vehicle, plus we offer our Price Match Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence knowing you received the best deal possible.
For more information, please call our Service Department at Heffner Lexus, 519-895-9130, or see your service advisor. Just remember, the earlier you book the better chance you have at beating the rush that occurs after the first snow fall.