On August 9th, we gave away another vehicle.

During our Hole in one competition at the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament, Jonathan Boseman managed to shoot a hole in one, winning a new 2022 RAV 4!

Using an 8 iron, Jonathan took the shot. He didn’t think it was going to go in, but to his and our surprise he sunk the ball after clearing the 170 yards.

Accompanied by his wife, and two other friends, they all ran to the hole quickly to ensure it definitely went in.

Once confirmed, His wife and friends celebrated at the hole. Jonathan stated that his FIRST Brand New car was from Heffner’s as well, and that he was already looking at vehicles to replace his 11 year old truck. Ecstatic and still shocked, the group continued on to finish their round.

This was such a great milestone for us as well. We sponsor this tournament every year, as well sponsor around 12 to 20 other tournaments a year. The last time we gave away a vehicle was 10 YEARS ago!

Seeing the sheer excitement and happiness when guests play golf as well as being able to meet awesome new people is why we love sponsoring these tournaments!

Show Jonathan some love on the link below!

We also got CTV Kitchener to cover this amazing story!