As Summer comes to an end, we are back to introduce four more amazing individuals who are part of the Heffner Toyota Team!

This month we are featuring Mellissa (Financial Services Manager), Michelle (Product Advisor), Colin (Body Technician) and Leo (Parts Advisor).

Left to Right; Mellissa, Michelle, Colin and Leo

Question 1: What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

Mellissa: Bucket list….I actually have a few, but someday I would really like to live like a local someplace tropical, for at least a month or two maybe…
Michelle: I get teased a lot by my husband and friends about this one thing on my bucket list, I actually would love to work on a vineyard in Italy for the day picking grapes, after a hard day’s work I would like to then sit down and enjoy a meal and wine outside amongst the vines! My husband teases me that he will skip the work and just meet me for the dinner.
Colin: Sky Diving
Leo: Craziest thing on my bucket list would be that I would love to fly/or go for a ride in a fighter jet like the ones in Top Gun.

Question 2: If all your clothes had to be one color forever, what color would you pick?

Mellissa: Forever colour…if I were brave it would be cobalt blue…but the conservative person I normally am would most likely choose black (it goes with everything and is slimming)
Michelle: If My Clothes were only allowed to be one colour they would have to be bright purple because purple is my favourite colour and if I can only wear one colour and never change it then I want it to be a crazy colour so people see me coming for miles!!!!!
Colin: Black
Leo: If all my clothes only had to be one colour it would have to be black. It’s a shade I know but it goes with anything and is easy to keep looking clean!

Question 3: What’s the craziest fashion trend you ever rocked?

Mellissa: Fashion trend… BIG 80’s hair – so glad that is over!!!
Michelle: The craziest fashion trend that I totally rocked was 80’s BIG HAIR. I love Big hair!! I wore it so big that I used half a can of aqua net hair spray( I think I just aged myself) to keep it in place, my hair was literally hard as a rock!! It wouldn’t move even in a windstorm (secret side note… I still really like big hair and can be caught styling my hair that way still sometimes … SSHHH)
Colin: 1950’s Disco Outfit
Leo: Haven’t really rocked any fashion trends that would be considered too crazy, but I used to wear Heelys back when I was younger and roll around everywhere.

Question 4: What did you name your first car?

Mellissa: My first car was a mid 80’s 2 door, 4 speed, blue TOYOTA Tercel that I had to share with my little brother…we called her the Smurfmobile!
Michelle: The Purple Beast
Colin: Betsy
Leo: My first car was red, which is also my favourite colour, so I named her Ruby.