Get To Know Us – Part 7


It’s true, we are back again to introduce four more amazing individuals who are part of the Heffner Toyota Team!

This month we are featuring Melissa (Lube Advisor), David (Financial Services Manager), Asim (Body Technician) and Chelsea (Customer Relations Associate).

Left to Right; Melissa, David, Asim and Chelsea

Question 1: What board game are you absolutely amazing at and why?
Melissa: I haven’t played a board game for many years but I’m pretty good at Skip-Bo (my 96-year-old Nana taught me to play, she’s the Queen
David: I am not sure what board game I am the best at but if you are to ask my boys they say I am good at all the board games we play because I always win lol
Asim: I am good at a board game popular in South Asia called Ludo
Chelsea: I would have to say Catan, I haven’t played any board games in quite some time, however, I don’t ever recall losing at Catan whenever someone decides we are playing :p

Question 2: What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled on someone?
Melissa: It’s a secret because I would still like to pull the same prank on a few more people
David: I am not much of a prankster and don’t know of the best prank I have ever pulled. My wife and I have tried many April fools jokes on our boys but most of them fail as they are too sharp for us
Asim: My Grandma can never tell the difference between me and my brother over the phone. So when she calls I pretend to be my brother.
Chelsea: I really LOVE scaring people. I will hide in the best spots and jump out at the best times. My most recent scare was when I went up to visit my mom, she had no idea I was coming up north for the night. I went over to her house and knocked on the door. Luckily her boyfriend answered the door, he let me in and pointed out which room she was in and quietly snuck me in. I tip-toed my way in and BOOOO! She gave me the best reaction of all time. I definitely surprised her 🙂

Question 3: What Is Your Most Unusual Talent?
Melissa: My most unusual talent would probably be my photographic memory. I can memorize completely useless numbers without trying. I can tell you the 17 digit VIN # for my first car on command.
David: I would say my most unusual talent is that I can fall asleep anywhere. I used to be a Janitor when I was younger and was caught napping as I leaned on a mop handle standing up.
Asim: My unusual talent would be rock climbing/ tree climbing.
Chelsea: This is a hard question… I don’t really know of any unusual talents… I guess I’m pretty good at untangling things… haha. Say if someone were struggling to untangle their jewelry, or rope, electronic cords, anything really, I can do it pretty quickly. Sounds more like a talent for very specific scenarios.

Question 4: Would You Rather Go 30 Days Without Your Phone Or Your Entire Life Without Dessert, and why?
Melissa: I’d rather go 30 days without my phone. Nobody messes with my chocolate!!
David: I would go without my phone for 30 days as I do like desserts and treats too much to give them up for the rest of my life. But as I am addicted to being on my phone this would not be an easy decision.
Asim: I would rather go without my phone for 30 days. Since COVID started I spent too much time on my phone. Plus I love my dessert 🙂
Chelsea: I would go an infinite amount of time without my phone rather than have to go my entire life without dessert! Chocolate Chip Cookies <3