Get To Know Us – Part 5


Spring has sprung and we are here to introduce four more amazing individuals who are part of the Heffner Toyota Team!

This month we are featuring Megan (Sales & Service Customer Service Representative), Tamila (Customer Relations Associate), Greg (Toyota Service Manager), and Karli (Customer Service Rep).

From Left to Right: Megan, Tamila, Greg, Karli


What is your favorite breed of dog?

Megan: Corgi’s all the way!!

Tamila: A Doberman or Pitbull.

Greg: I’m not a fan of dogs, so I don’t really have a favorite

Karli: A schnauzer!! My dog is a schnauzer, they have the best personality!

If you could be invisible for one day only, what would you do?

Megan: This one is so tricky – I’m not sure! Probably freak out my fiancé and start pushing stuff over at our place! LOL

Tamila: Borrow some money from the bank

Greg: Be present in any kitchen setting Gordon Ramsay is currently in, to see if really does swear and yell at all his chefs, or is it mostly an act

Karli: Go into Area 51, I would love to know the secrets behind it!

You found a genie and they have granted you 3 wishes, what are those wishes?


  1. To get rid of all my debt and family debt.
  2. To have my dream wedding planned with my fiancé.
  3. Would love the opportunity to go on my dream trip! (Anywhere tropical…!)


  1. Get rid of covid 
  2. Make sure I never get the urge to randomly dye my hair blonde ever again 
  3. To have my mom back so she could live a long healthy life that she deserved 🙂 


  1. End this ridiculous pandemic.
  2. Have a bottomless well of Crown Royal in my backyard.
  3. Longer summers in Southern Ontario.


  1. Unlimited free trips to Great wolf lodge with my family.
  2. Warm weather all year round. 
  3. Meet the cast of One tree hill!

What is one thing you have accomplished in 2021 so far that you are proud of?

Megan: Paid off my student debt!!! Woot! Woot!

Tamila: I haven’t tried to dye my hair blonde yet and I didn’t have to cut it all off because it didn’t work AGAIN 🙂

Greg: I have not lost any more hair.

Karli: Sticking to a workout plan! 4 days a week.