As we dive into the New Year, we are back to introduce four more awesome individuals who are part of the Heffner Toyota Team!

This month we are featuring Laith (Service Operations Manager), Amber (Community & Customer Relations Manager), Jessie (Service Advisor)  and Angela (Tint/PPF Installer)


(Left to right) Laith, Angela, Amber, Jessie

Question #1: What is one of your goals for this year?


Laith: Go on a family vacation once COVID is over, hopefully..

Angela: My Goal for this year is to be more grateful for the things I have in life.

Amber: When the restrictions are lifted, spend time with family and friends.

Jessie: One of our goals this year is to save up money to redo our basement. We would like to have a play area for our son and an area for us to relax as well.


Question #2: What superpower do you wish you had?

Laith: Seeing the future and being able to change it.

Angela: My superpower would be teleportation because I hate driving long distance.

Amber: Mind Reading

Jessie: My superpower of choice would be to breath underwater. The ocean scares me, so it would be nice to get over that fear and embrace the underwater world. Be cool to explore the oceans and see things no one has.


Question #3: What is my favorite memory from 2021? 

Laith: Not a lot of great memories in 2021 unfortunately, but definitely joining the Heffner Family in November wrapped up the year in a great way for sure.

Angela: My favorite memory of 2021 would be spending 2 weeks at a cottage on a small island in the Kawartha Lakes with my 3 boys.

Amber: My favorite memory of 2021 was being able to have my entire family together for Thanksgiving.

Jessie: My favorite memory is my son, Levon’s first birthday. Just seeing how happy he was and watching him take everything in was almost magical. Makes you feel like a kid again watching life through their eyes.

Question #4: If you could trade lives with someone, who would it be and why?

Laith: Lionel Messi. Soccer legend, great athlete and person.

Angela: If I could trade lives with someone it would have to be my dog Kingston because he gets treated like a prince and all he does is nap all day!

Amber: I would not trade lives with anyone as I have a very blessed life.

Jessie: If I had to choose someone to trade lives with it would have to be Jimmy Buffet. He seems to know what he is doing in life to get the most out of it.