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Auto Rustproofing
  • Pre-rinse to remove grease, bugs, and excess dirt
  • Pressure wash and clean all wheels, wheel wells, and tires
  • Hand wash and dry exterior of vehicle
  • Dry door jambs
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Tire shine all 4 tires
  • Hand wash package — see above
  • Dust / Hand-wipe of passenger compartment vinyl
  • Vacuum carpets, seats, and trunk/cargo area
  • Vacuum floor mats (Wash rubber mats)
  • Clean interior/exterior windows
  • Clean wheels, dress tires
  • Shampoo all seats/carpets and mats
  • Detail interior including dash, console, vents, and cup holders
  • Vacuum trunk
  • Apply paint sealant (wax)
  • Decontamination of paint to get ready for paint reconditioning.
  • Remove minor scratches and paint imperfections up to 80%
  • Polish to restore shine
  • Apply paint sealant (wax)
  • Handwash
  • Chamois dry car and door jambs
  • Clean wheels, dress tires
  • Exterior windows
  • Paint sealant (wax)
  • Add paint decontamination  Cars $79 – SUV, trucks and vans $99

Other Auto Detailing Services

Looking for a specific detailing service? We offer a range of specialty options to help address situations like murky headlights, paint scratches, salt stains, cloudy windshields, and much more! View our full list of auto detailing services below to learn more.

  • Degrease and pressure wash engine/engine compartment
  • Apply a water-based dressing to leave a clean, shiny finish
  • Oil spray and rustproofing will not be removed
  • Restore your murky headlights to like-new condition
  • Sand, polish, and seal the headlights
  • Improves look and visibility


Shampoo all seats/carpets by extraction

  • Removal of minor (and some not-so-minor) scratches
  • No need to repaint your car
  • Applied to windshield, lasts up to 6 months
  • Helps repel rain and snow
  • Makes it easier for your wipers to be effective
  • Helps visibility

Is your vehicle looking dingy or dirty? Are your seats grimy or filled with food? Does your exterior sparkle? You want your car to be in great condition. You’ve invested a lot in your vehicle and you want it to go the distance.

Vehicles experience a considerable amount of wear-and-tear from daily driving and from our contrasting Canadian seasons. Detailing can reduce the impact on your vehicle by helping to shield it from the elements, reverse damage from messy occupants like kids or pets, and improve your health by reducing allergens and germs.

If your vehicle needs a little love, bring it into Heffner and our detailing team will help to make it look like new.

Full detailing includes the careful cleaning of both the exterior and interior of your car, van, or truck. It may also include headlight restoration, exterior paint reconditioning treatment, paint sealant, engine shampoo, coffee and salt stain removal, scratch repair, windshield treatment, and more — depending on the package you choose.





Property Map to Heffner Detailing Department

Heffner Detailing Visual Walk To

If you’re visiting the Heffner Detailing Department, please stay to the left of Heffner Lexus and Heffner Lexus Service until you see the sign for Detailing on your right.