Christkindl: Celebrating Canada’s Original

Let your senses come alive with the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas!

Christkindl Market
The 22nd Annual Christkindl Market is a traditional 4-day bazaar that takes place December 6-9th at Kitchener City Hall.
Since day one, Heffner Toyota has been involved with the Market. That involvement has gradually increased over the years to the point where Heffner Toyota is now proud to be the Presenting Sponsor. And why? According to Willy Heffner, “It’s a special place.”
Since medieval times, towns and cities across Germany come alive with Christmas Markets. It’s when and where communities unite to celebrate the season while enjoying laughter and good will. That tradition continues today in Kitchener.
“An event like this is good for the community. It’s a way to step back and enjoy a simpler time, when life may have been a little less complicated.”
The Christkindl Market allows you to disconnect, yet connect on a different level.
“Personally, I love it! It’s always been an annual tradition for our family. We’ve been taking the kids since they were young.”
Speaking of the kids, Willy’s eldest son Nick has a favourite time to visit. “In the evening. I remember being in awe of the lights as a young child. There’s something about how they lit up the dark night sky. It completed the whole experience for me.” With that said, Nick still has a soft spot for the food. “My family would get pretzels and sausages, gather around the stage eating while we took in the music and dancing. We’d also load up on all the delicious German chocolate for Christmas.”
One of Willy’s fondest memories occurred a few years back while on stage welcoming everyone to the Market. He remembers the large crowd, filled with young and old faces, families from all different backgrounds. It was a sea of smiles and then, almost on cue, a light snow began to fall. “It was just one of those Christmas moments you’ll never forget. The simplicity of it. It summed up the essence of the Christkindl Market. That moment will forever be etched in my memory.”
Inside and out of City Hall, and along King Street you’ll discover more than 70 vendors selling traditional crafts and ornaments, nutcrackers, wood carved toys, figurines, jewelry and clothing. There’s also the blacksmith onsite showcasing his craft over an open fire and of course it wouldn’t be the Christkindl Market without Christkindl, her Angels, Knecht Ruprecht, Klaus the Organ Grinder, trains and live nativity scene. Entertainment includes 30 bands, choirs and dance groups.
Christkindl Market
The Christkindl Market is one of Ontario’s Top 100 Festivals & Events with people coming from all over the province. According to one of those visitors, “You don’t know what you are missing until you have been there!” A sentiment Willy Heffner shares. “Anyone who hasn’t gone before, really should go.”
Thursday, December 6:  1am – 9pm
Friday, December 7:  10am – 9pm
Saturday, December 8:  9am – 9pm
Sunday, December 9:  10am – 4pm