Cabin Air Filters & Why They Are Even More Crucial Right Now

FILE PHOTO: Flames reach upwards along the edge of a wildfire as seen from a Canadian Forces helicopter surveying the area near Mistissini, Quebec, Canada June 12, 2023.

Canada’s wildfire season is upon us, and this year it’s been unprecedently dangerous. During the span of the past two months, there have been numerous uncontrollable wild fires across Canada. Smoke from the fire has been spreading across Canada, even crossing the border to the US, causing extremely poor air quality.  Although the carbon emissions are unavoidable, but there are many ways to stay safe. Your vehicle is one of them! Thanks to your Cabin Air Filter.

Your Cabin Air Filter is a rectangular-shaped cartridge that consists of paper, mesh and cotton that contains activated charcoal. You can find it located behind your glove box. This helps filter out pollutants  and debris such as dust, smoke, pollen and even unusual smells before entering your cabin.

Having a clean Cabin Air Filter has many health benefits. A dirty Air Cabin Filter can allow unwanted air pollutants to enter from lingering smoke, pollen, construction sites and more. This could potentially contribute to asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

CLEAN:                                                                DIRTY: 

It is important to change your Cabin Air Filters if they appear dirty or at least once a year. At Heffner Toyota, we offer both the Cabin Air Filter as well as installation.

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