Breithaupt Street Garage Café


We are happy to announce that after two months and a great deal of work and preparation, our new Café is open!

Introducing the Breithaupt Street Garage Café. This newly renovated and upgraded café consists of a new menu with delicious food and a modern feel.

Where did we get the name you may ask?

In honor of John Heffner Sr, we decided to name it after his FIRST garage (repair shop) which was called the Breithaupt Street Garage. This means a lot to us as it has a strong reference to John himself.

Our overall goal is to make the Café a more integral part of the community. We want our guests to enjoy and feel comfortable while they are here for service, and even when they aren’t. The Breithaupt Street Garage Café isn’t just for when you come in to get your car serviced, but a place to gather with your friends, family and community to enjoy a delicious meal and each others company.

Some new café features include:

  • Locally Sourced Fresh Coffee
  • Many new healthy menu options
  • New Café Hours (M-F 7am to 6Pm & SAT 8am to 2pm.)
  • New modern look
  • In honor of John Sr., fish and chips will a regular item on the menu.  (Coming Soon)
  • New Barista Machine
  • $3 voucher (For a coffee & cookie or towards a meal)

As the Breithaupt Street Garage Café grows, there will be a lot of changes and additions to the menu.

Follow us to check out more updates on the Café!

We hope everyone gets a chance to check out the Breithaupt Street Garage Café.