At Home Car Care

There’s no better feeling than taking a shower after a long day, or coming home to a clean house — other than getting into a clean car! Here are some reasons you should regularly wash your car!

Are the Extras at Car Washes Worth It? | Marietta Toyota

1. It feels great to drive a clean car!

You feel great when you take a shower after a long day, or when you come home from vacation to a clean house, and having a clean car is no different! Plus, during COVID it’s never a bad thing to clean and disinfect your vehicle!

2. Better trade in value!

Yes – it’s true! Having a clean vehicle improves your trade in value, because it means less work for the dealership to do to before they can resell your vehicle!

3. Your vehicle will run better!

Just like you function better when you’re refreshed, so does your vehicle! Keeping your car clean allows it to work as it was intended to, which is better for you and your vehicle.

4. Your vehicle will be more fuel efficient!

Believe it or not, a dirty car limits airflow and can create drag, which leads to a less fuel efficient drive!