Arriving for Service at Heffner Toyota

Arriving For Service at Heffner Toyota

Heffner Toyota Service Drive Thru
Service should always work for you, or else, it really isn’t service.
At Heffner’s, we want every visit to be your best visit yet, and at a time that’s best for you.
To help, we’re open extended hours 3 days a week to serve you better; Tuesday thru Thursday from 7am-12am.
Our four service shuttles cover a wide circle around the dealership to assist you in getting you where you need to go, and back again. The below map outlines the area we cover.
In addition to our Extended Hours and Shuttle Service, we also offer you a free cookie and coffee with every service visit from Morning Glory, our in-house café run by Ray of Hope.
Now, one question we are often asked is regarding our service bay doors; basically, “which one is right for me?” 
If you’re coming in for our Express Lube Service, a 2015 model or older, stay to the far left lane.
If you’re visiting for a pre-booked service appointment including an oil change for a 2016 model or newer, then you drive to the middle or far right lane.
As you slowly approach any of our bay doors, they will automatically open. Once it’s clear, drive in and you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly porters. At that point, they will check your mileage and do a quick walk around of your vehicle.
If you don’t need to make use of our Shuttle Service or you’re planning on hanging around the dealership while your vehicle is being serviced, we have several areas for you to spend your time, including our internet lounge with comfy leather chairs and a fireplace.
For more information and a visual look, watch this short video as we walk you through bringing your vehicle in for a service appointment at Heffner Toyota and all that we have to offer.

We take you from arrival through check-in, shuttle service, the waiting areas, to your departure after service is complete.
Thanks again for choosing Heffner Toyota and our Factory Trained Technicians for all your service needs.
For further details, please contact our Service Department by calling 519.748.9667.