Big Birthday Surprise for One Lucky Morizo Winner at Heffner Toyota

The 2023 GR Corolla is a race-inspired beast of a vehicle developed by Toyota GAZOO Racing. The ultra-rare Morizo collector’s edition is so exclusive that only ten were released to Canada. Number eight of ten landed at Heffner Toyota this May.

For the opportunity to even purchase one, Toyota Canada held a nation-wide contest to ensure these track-ready vehicles ended up in the right hands. Candidates had to prove their driving experience and racing enthusiasm just to qualify to be entered into the lottery.

One GTA resident did just that and with a little birthday luck, scored himself a 2023 GR Corolla Morizo Edition. Heffner Toyota hosted a special birthday celebration for this very happy winner who drove his brand new birthday present right off the lot.

About the GR Corolla Morizo Edition

The Morizo edition is named after former Toyota President, founder of GAZOO Racing and master driver Akio Toyoda who used ‘Morizo’(Kinoshita) as a pseudonym when professionally racing. This model was his final passion project before stepping down as President in April 2023.

The limited edition vehicle is hand-built in the heralded Motomachi Plant in Japan where cars are redesigned and in this case: significantly lightened, customized as a two-seater with a carbon-fibre roof and beefed up with a unique suspension set up. It also features a completely unique matte grey paint color that truly stands out.

From driving the streets to the track, this race-inspired car is ready with 300 horsepower from a revolutionary turbocharged 1.6 litre 3-cylinder engine. Those lucky enough to get behind the wheel will feel the rush of 295 foot-pounds of torque delivered through a six-speed manual transmission and handled through an all-wheel-drivetrain system.

This car will never be built again, making the driving experience a prize in and of itself.